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Partnerships and Investor Relations


Collaboration, Teamwork And Partnership

There are several very important values that Star Tekk is looking for in a mutually beneficial partnership: innovation, commitment and professionalism. Besides this, Star Tekk’s key business partners should be reliable, dedicated and committed to constant improvement and development. Star Tekk’s always looking for long-lasting professional relationships with businesses that share the same visions and goals, and with entrepreneurs that are on the same wavelength. Moreover, Star Tekk’s also interested in partnering up with those who have developed a brand new technology or an innovative product, and who need a strong and reliable business partner.

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Regardless of whether you are interested in working for Star Tekk, if you want to discuss more about business partnerships or if you need loyal, reliable and qualified workforce for your company, you can always get in touch with us and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

13111 N. Central Expressway, STE 8028,
Dallas TX 75243
T: (469) 713-3993
Fax: (972) 947-3899


13111 N. Central Expressway, STE 8028, Dallas TX 75243
Phone: (469) 713-3993
Fax: (972) 947-3899

Accessibility Policy

Star Tekk is committed to offering customers high-quality, professional services, and it is actively involved in promoting workforce diversity not just within its own ranks, but also with its customers and suppliers. Star Tekk is always trying to create a friendly and safe environment for all its employees, clients and suppliers, regardless of their national origin, race or color, gender identity or sexual orientation, sex, religion, age, disability, genetic information or any other characteristic, as protected by the applicable laws.
Moreover, Star Tekk is also trying to make its work environment as comfortable and friendly as possible for employees with disabilities, and we welcome all those who need assistance with the employment process to get in touch with us either via phone or e-mail, or to visit us.