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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps


StarTekk can create stellar mobile applications. When we hear that you need mobile applications, we will immediately spring into action and make use of our technological skills. Our app development skills reach all the major platforms:

  • Android™
  • Blackberry
  •  iOS
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Windows

Mobile Application Development

The mobile world is experiencing change, both evolutionary and revolutionary. The relationship between the future and the present of an organization rests in the development of great mobile apps. This is what brings in legendary Appreneurs from StarTekk come in. We will show your organization the great level that mobile technology can push businesses to. We are very deep into the mobile app developments ecosystem. Our team is made up of experienced designers, engineers, producers, tester and sales people who develop apps for enterprises, small scaled business, middle scaled businesses and creative individuals. Our team of creative Appreneurs sleep, eat and breathe mobile apps.

Your success is very important to StarTekk. We offer quality end to end services, customizable tailored solutions and world class services at affordable cost.

Some of our clientele:

  • Plexus Enterprises
  • iDash Apps
  • Acoustica Rsch
  • Shiro Inc
  • Patel and Sheikh Inc
  • TutorPundits
  • Gill Properties
  • SparkbySCO
  • Salubrious
  • Andrew K
  • Asha Industries
  • Sanket Acharya Pharma Productions


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Accessibility Policy

Star Tekk is committed to offering customers high-quality, professional services, and it is actively involved in promoting workforce diversity not just within its own ranks, but also with its customers and suppliers. Star Tekk is always trying to create a friendly and safe environment for all its employees, clients and suppliers, regardless of their national origin, race or color, gender identity or sexual orientation, sex, religion, age, disability, genetic information or any other characteristic, as protected by the applicable laws.
Moreover, Star Tekk is also trying to make its work environment as comfortable and friendly as possible for employees with disabilities, and we welcome all those who need assistance with the employment process to get in touch with us either via phone or e-mail, or to visit us.