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Terms of use and EEO Policy

Disclaimer And Use Of Personal Information

At Star Tekk, we are committed to protecting your privacy and your personal information, and we do allow users to access our website without providing personal information of any kind. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that under certain circumstances, such as those detailed below, users must provide basic personal information in order to get the best services.

Having said that, Star Tekk might require your full name, your company name, telephone number, address or e-mail address, depending on the products or services that you are trying to use. It comes down to every individual user to decide whether or not to share this type of personal information – Star Tekk only requires personal data to improve its services and products, as well as to offer customized business solutions.

It is important to understand that your information may be transferred across national boundaries, and it may be stored and processed in other countries where Star Tekk maintains offices, including India. Trusted vendors of Star Tekk may also process, transfer and collect your information, in certain countries – however, no trusted vendor of Star Tekk will ever use your personal details for their own purposes, neither will they transfer them to other third parties.

Sharing Information With Third Parties And Personal Information Security

In order to provide its clients with the best services possible, Star Tekk may share your personal information with some of its business owners, who may alert you about their products and services. You may choose to unsubscribe from their online newsletter as soon as this happens, if you do not want to receive such alert. On the other hand, Star Tekk may also share your personal information in the event of a legal investigation, court process or legal proceeding, as required by the applicable law (for instance, if there is a suspicion of illegal activities, potential threats to one’s physical safety or fraud). Lastly, Star Tekk may need to share your personal information in the event of a business merger, amalgamation or reorganization.

Star Tekk strictly protects your personal information and does everything in its power to prevent data loss, misuse, destruction, alteration or unauthorized disclosure, by storing its customers’ personal information in password-protected servers to which the access is limited. Star Tekk will never share your personal information outside of the company, without your consent, except for the conditions detailed above.

Changes To This Statement:

Star Tekk reserves the right to update, change or alter its privacy statement at any time. You will be notified whenever a significant Statement change takes place, through a prominent notice that will be placed on the website.

Terms of Use & EEO Policy

Terms of Use & EEO Policy

As mentioned above, Star Tekk is truly committed to promoting and supporting workforce diversity, as this is a pivotal part of the company’s culture and mission. The company always tries to create friendly, inclusive and comfortable environments for all clients, suppliers and employees regardless of their gender identify, sex, sexual orientation, color or race, ancestry, national origin, religion, protected veteran status, disability, age, religion or genetic information. The company is also committed to providing reasonable accommodation for employees, clients or suppliers with disabilities. For further information or assistance on this matter, please contact the office either online via e-mail or phone, or live by paying us a visit at our offices.


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Accessibility Policy

Star Tekk is committed to offering customers high-quality, professional services, and it is actively involved in promoting workforce diversity not just within its own ranks, but also with its customers and suppliers. Star Tekk is always trying to create a friendly and safe environment for all its employees, clients and suppliers, regardless of their national origin, race or color, gender identity or sexual orientation, sex, religion, age, disability, genetic information or any other characteristic, as protected by the applicable laws.
Moreover, Star Tekk is also trying to make its work environment as comfortable and friendly as possible for employees with disabilities, and we welcome all those who need assistance with the employment process to get in touch with us either via phone or e-mail, or to visit us.