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Application Services

Integration Services

Integration Services

Business and System Integration Service

StarTekk has many years of experience in integrating both our systems and our client systems. We provide many service build in APIs. The services include:

  • API development: We can develop an application that has a public API to allow other developers to plugin to your applications.
  • API integration: This allows you plugin to easily plugin to public APIs such as SalesForce, Facebook and Amazon.
  • Online analytical Processing: OLAP helps to allow quick analysis of complex information.

Tools can be integrated with the existing systems to allow you to capture and analyze information that is important to your business. Since each software implementation project is unique, we always invite you to share the needs of your business with the development team so that you can get more information on our capacity and capability.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Information access anytime, anywhere

We have an Enterprise Mobility Technology Lab with the responsibility of exploring rapidly evolving technology options with the aim of helping our clients use them to improve their businesses. As an organization, you can leverage our domain expertise and technology to successfully implement your Enterprise Mobility vision. We can help you with our:

  • Domain expertise and consulting framework approach to create a good enterprise-wide mobility strategy.
  • Methodology that will help to take application delivery approach.
  • An in depth understanding of the evolving mobile technology so that you can be able to create a futuristic technology ecosystem.
  • Expert teams who can help you implement, update and manage your mobility infrastructure.

Getting the ‘right information’ at the ‘right time’ to the ‘right people’ at the ‘right place’ has never been more important.

Application Development

Application Development

Custom Application Development

In most cases, an application that can suit your specific need may not be available in the market. When you can’t find software solution that that suits your enterprise well, StarTekk can help you build custom software that meets your specifications to serve you effectively and deliver on the promise of certainty.

What Startekk provides:

  • Extensible and scalable architecture that allow 24/7 business availability for customers from all over the world. It reduces risk and development cycles to a minimum.
  • Customized applications that are time and cost effective. This helps organizations to address functional gaps so that they can achieve set business gals effectively.
  • Business value: StarTekk methods of solving complex problems and mitigating risks help in the achievement of rock-Solid ROI.
  • Business value: Startekk's highest-quality processes for solving complex problems, mitigating risks, and achieving rock-solid ROI .


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Accessibility Policy

Star Tekk is committed to offering customers high-quality, professional services, and it is actively involved in promoting workforce diversity not just within its own ranks, but also with its customers and suppliers. Star Tekk is always trying to create a friendly and safe environment for all its employees, clients and suppliers, regardless of their national origin, race or color, gender identity or sexual orientation, sex, religion, age, disability, genetic information or any other characteristic, as protected by the applicable laws.
Moreover, Star Tekk is also trying to make its work environment as comfortable and friendly as possible for employees with disabilities, and we welcome all those who need assistance with the employment process to get in touch with us either via phone or e-mail, or to visit us.